Portuguese Arbitration Association launches APA Award

News 24 January 2022

The Board of the Portuguese Arbitration Association (APA) has decided to create an award (APA AWARD) aimed at supporting and rewarding teams composed of students from Portuguese Law Schools (TEAMS) which participate in international arbitration Moot Courts. Considering the prestige of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, also known as Vis Moot, has achieved internationally, the present edition of the APA AWARD is directed to TEAMS that participate in this competition (COMPETITION).

The APA AWARD has a total value of EUR2,000 (two thousand euros), which is subdivided into two components:

(i) a scholarship of EUR1,250 (one thousand two hundred and fifty euros), to be distributed equitably amongst the TEAMS that have registered for the COMPETITION; and

(ii) a distinction of EUR750 to be given to the TEAM that has obtained the best classification in the COMPETITION (DISTINCTION).

The APA AWARD REGULATIONS (REGULATION) and the draft form to be used in the application process are attached.

For the purpose of the provisions of Article 2, no. 1 of the REGULATION, it is hereby informed that for the calendar year 2022, applications are open until 16:00 on the 7th February 2022. Interested TEAMS should send their duly completed and signed forms (and other documentation provided for in Article 2.2 of the Regulations) to the following e-mail address of the APA administrative services: secretariado@arbitragem.pt.

It is further informed that the APA Arbitration Day, on which the DISTINCTION will be delivered, is tentatively scheduled for 26 May 2022.

More information on the Pre-Mooting that the APA intends to organise in Lisbon will be released shortly.

APA wishes the TEAMS every success in the competition and hopes that this will be an enriching personal and academic experience.


See here the APA Prize Regulation and the Application Form

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